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Technology Calling: Business and the Lost Art of Communication
Callcenter Mitarbeiter mit Kopfhörern am Computer freundlich
28 April 2015 / Victoria Salmon

I was taken aback the other day when, on calling a customer helpline, I actually spoke to a real person. I was even more taken aback when this person, who had been very helpful in...

5 Reasons Why Record-keeping is Never Obsolete
7 April 2015 / Victoria Salmon

A gentleman’s handshake is as much a thing of the past as the typewriter. Or the Ice Age. Today, if you can’t prove it in writing, it didn’t happen. Of course, we can’t...

Experience Matters: When to Call in the Experts
How Can We Help You Hanging Store Sign Helpful Service
3 April 2015 / Victoria Salmon

“Huff, grunt, almost – I think I’ve got it…no!!” You know that feeling when you’re close – so close – to solving your own...

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