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New Tool to Diagnose Respiratory Illnesses
31 March 2016 / Victoria Salmon

Health professionals treating people with respiratory illnesses may soon have a new diagnostic tool: a smart phone. Australian researchers are testing an app that uses the sound...

An Old Drug Offers a New Way to Erase Emotional Fears
28 February 2016 / Victoria Salmon

The National Alliance of Mental Health estimates that up to 15 to 20 percent of people have experienced a phobia at some point in their lives - heights, spiders, elevators,...

Hypnosedation: New Medical Procedure for Patients Undergoing Brain Surgery
brain 3
8 January 2016 / Victoria Salmon

A study published this month in the journal of "Neurosurgery", suggests that a new procedure called hypnosedation, could change the face of brain surgery. In the past, patients...

This got me thinking …
24 November 2015 / Victoria Salmon

My recently purchased candle centrepiece has such a lovely legend associated with it. I’d like to share this legend with you as I believe the basis of this legend also applies...

They’re just not what they used to be!
convenience store 2
26 October 2015 / Victoria Salmon

Walking to my corner store the other day (yes, this photo is my actual corner store) the old post box and Coca Cola signs caught my eye. I remember as a child we used to run to...

That’s a Dumb Question …
sm fragezeichen I
30 September 2015 / Victoria Salmon

The other day I was having coffee with a group of business acquaintances / friends when the conversation reverted yet again to their dissatisfaction with their employees /...

Making Sure Lawyer + Doctor Doesn’t = Disaster
2 August 2015 / Victoria Salmon

Most people will tell you that what they say to their lawyer is subject to legal privilege (with some quoting more from American movies than the actual legislation). Most...

Privacy Principles in the Medical Workplace
Confidential Concept
30 July 2015 / Victoria Salmon

The Australian Privacy Principles, located in Schedule 1 to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), have been in force for some time now. For those of you who are asking “what on earth are...

Psychology of the First Impression
Doc Shop Walk on Package
2 June 2015 / Victoria Salmon

I attended the GPCE (General Practitioner Conference and Exhibition) last weekend and aside from being utterly exhausted and having had lots of fun, it was also a fabulous...

Preparation Perfection
11 May 2015 / Victoria Salmon

I am a bit of a stickler for detail. The kind of person who, when giving directions, won’t just say “down there on the left”, but will provide a set of directions long and...

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